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The We Dance

Show the world it’s cool to care. Learn the We Day dance and join thousands of people across North America who feel the passion and energy of the movement.

It’s easy, it’s edgy and it’s a perfect way to channel your world-changing energy. Share your best moves at We Day, or use the dance at your fundraising and awareness events.

From flash mobs to group performances, the We Day dance is a perfect way to generate interest in your cause in a fun, unexpected way.

Be a part of the movement. Learn the We Day dance…





Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) is going to be back at BQFNC

I just wanted to encourage those who wish to be teachers or even in the education field to apply for the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program offered through the University of Alberta but will be coming to Blue Quills FIrst Nations College this FALL for the 2012-14 school years and you can complete:

  • 3rd & 4th Year: the last 2 years of the Bachelor of Education Degree
  • complete an After-Degree (another undergraduate degree in Education)

As an upcoming graduate this June 2012, I fully support this program.  I not only am receiving a degree from the University of Alberta but I am getting a better education, than on campus students, because I get additional education and training and support to incorporate Aboriginal Perspective and Traditional Knowledge in the school curriculum, something that has been missing from our education system far too long.  Our Aboriginal Children deserve to be taught holistically as originally taught for thousands and thousands of years on Turtle Island.  As a result, you can get a Unique Education with the added benefits of easy access to Elders, and cultural advisors at Blue Quills First Nations College, the 1st Successfully Aboriginally Owned & Operated School in Canada since 1971.


Deadline for FALL 2012 is fast approaching – apply immediately to get evaluated to see if you qualify

To Learn More:

Contact Blue Quills First Nations College and apply:

Phone: 780-645-4455

Edmonton Direct: 780-429-2971

Toll Free: 1 888 645-4455

Lena Lapatack:

or Call

Aboriginal Teacher Education Program
845 Education South
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2G5
Fax: (780) 492-2461

Dr. Evelyn Steinhauer
Director, ATEP
(780) 492-2467

Angela Wolfe
Associate Director, ATEP
(780) 492-3187


Portage College ATEP 2010-12 – Cold Lake News

Portage College ATEP 2010-12 – Windspeaker (AMMSA) News


Portage College partners with University of Alberta for teachers degree – Cold Lake Sun – Alberta, CA



Remember when we made the news…& imagine we are already 1/2 way done:

Portage College partners with University of Alberta for teachers degree – Cold Lake Sun – Alberta, CA.

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Shannon M Houle ~ Looking at Life with Different Glasses

Soil Ingestion Project:

I was part of a Biological, Environmental, & Scientific Research Project from the University of Ottawa in partnership with Tribal Chiefs Ventures, Inc…here is my story on the experience.  I hope you can use this as a resource in the classroom:

Shannon M Houle ~ Looking at Life with Different Glasses.


Summer Trip after Graduation

I’m planning a road trip for next summer after graduation. I’ll be starting at Blue Quills, and making my way south. I plan on revisiting medicine wheels in southern Alberta, Writing-on-Stone petroglyphs, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, as well as stopping in at the Royal Alberta Museum and Glenbow museum. I plan to head back through B.C. and stop at NK’MIP in Osoyoos.

I also hope to stop and talk to Elders from different Nations. It is going to take some time to line it all up; thus, next summer being better than this. Also, it will be a nice finale to the program.

If you’re interested in joining me on the road trip let me know.


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Completed our Second Semester

Well we all completed our second semester and have a few weeks vacation from our books.  This has been an interesting eight months with all 24 of us students.  Starting May 9th we will be going into our third semester and by June 15th we will have completed our 3rd Year of our Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP).  We are almost 1/2 way done people ~ Woo Hoo!

Here is a little inspiration to put a smile on your faces 🙂:

Enjoy your much-needed break, rest, spend time with friends and family, and even get a massage or shop as a reward for all your hard work or dye your hair to cover up all those greys you earned  (jokes).  However, I do know I look so forward to seeing you all on May 9th to take on our next phase of our journey together!

Life is a Journey ~ NOT a Destination!


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Welcome Ladies and Gentleman (our Lone Wolf)!

Welcome to our very own Blog.  As discussed this blog was created for us to share our ideas, resources, and even journal our experiences.  There are a few pages created for each to post their website links and you can use this main page (Blog page) for journaling and sharing ideas.

I will register all of you as Editors to this website in order for you to have access behind the scene in order to post your information.  I will also register Evelyn, Angela, and Claudette as Editors to this site.  If our Instructors so choose to be part of our website, I can register them a Contributors too.

I will also arrange a training for all after the new year and commencement of our Winter Session so everyone will be comfortable adding their information with ease.  Currently I will work on the website and fine tune it over the holidays and have it ready for the new year to use.  If you would like to start using it sooner, let me know & I can set you up.

Please register your e-mail address on the right in order to receive updates when one of us posts.  This will keep you updated.

Have a great Christmas holiday and New Years.  See you all in 2011.

Shannon Houle


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