EDEL 335 Social Studies (SS) – September 14, 2011

14 Sep

Watched PART II of David George Video:

Brenda wrote key words on the board of the video:

She drew the World View Compass on the SS Program of Studies on page 3: @


Vision    K-12     21st Century     Citizenship     Perspectives: Aboriginal & Franco phone & Other

Pluralism     interdisciplinary     issues   critical inquiry

THINKING: Geographic thinking     Historical Thinking   Metacognitive & Creative thinking

***As Teachers we are: moving them from what to think to —-> showing them of HOW to think & how to be in control of their KNOWING HOW

SS is about REAL PEOPLE who contributed or are part of history

RE: Unit Plan Assignment EXAMPLE

In the SS Program of Studies:

  • VALUES & ATTITUDES: choose 1-2 to focus on
  • KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING:  choose 2-4 to focus on
  • SKILLS & PROCESSES (Dimensions of Thinking): choose 2 -3 to focus on
    • don’t need to hand in next week (Sept. 21, 2011)

How to create a CURRICULUM CLUSTER example from Grade 5 appreciate how the land sustains communities and the diverse ways that people have of

living with the land (GC, LPP) What do the stories of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples tell us about their beliefs

regarding the relationship between people and the land? (I, CC, TCC, LPP)

5.S.#: (We will add later as course progresses for final assignment) appreciate the geographic vastness of Canada (LPP) In what ways do natural resources and the physical geography of a region determine the

establishment of communities? (ER, LPP) How do landforms, bodies of water and natural resources affect the quality of life in

Canada? (LPP)

5.S.#: (We will add later as course progresses for final assignment)

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