Learning from Ancient Wisdom

27 Jul

We are excited to introduce Violet March from the Cold Lake First Nations. Violet has kindly given us an amazing opportunity to record her speaking in Dene Sųłiné, her native language which is becoming increasingly rare amongst her people.

Aboriginal people have been deeply connected to the land for centuries. That connection remains strong today. There is a lot of knowledge in Aboriginal communities and we highly value that knowledge. For example, a fundamental belief that has been shared by Aboriginal leaders is that we must consider the impact of any decision on children generations away. This teaching highlights both the desire to have a positive influence on our children’s children’s children, and the uncertainties involved in knowing exactly how our choices today will affect people long after we are gone. This has led us to questions like, “What would the ancestors say to today’s youth?” and “How can we incorporate traditional knowledge into our daily business practices?” We hope exploring these ideas will lead us to a better understanding of balanced, responsible business practice. But we’re not qualified to answer them definitively. Instead we seek input from Aboriginal community members, in hopes of becoming a better oil company in the process. With that in mind, we invite your comments.

In this video, Violet talks about how we can pursue working together in harmony. We’d like to know what you think about the video. Please let us know…


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